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insuring key people

Insuring Key People

By Commercial Insurance
You know you need properly written property insurance to insure such physical assets as buildings, machines or equipment, stock, inventory and so forth, to ensure the continued operations and profitability of your business. Aside from tangible physical assets, though, many businesses, especially smaller businesses with fewer employees and/or thinner management...
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drones and your insurance

Drones and Your Insurance

By Uncategorized
In recent years use of drones (unmanned lightweight aircraft controlled by an operator on the ground) has exploded. Industries and businesses have found many uses for them. Utilities and pipelines use drones as a cost effective substitute for manned inspectors. Construction companies keep tabs on jobs remotely. Commercial property owners...
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good cyber insurance

What Makes a Good Cyber Insurance Policy?

By Uncategorized
Businesses are buying Cyber policies at a rapid rate. Two main reasons for this are the unending stream of reports of breaches as cybercriminals find ways to attack even the largest, most sophisticated organizations, and the fact that insurance policies have evolved to a point where they offer real value...
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