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Justin and Conrad Foa

Our Mission

Our mission at Foa & Son is to partner with our clients so that we can effectively meet their needs for risk management and insurance. We do that by providing them with comprehensive insurance coverages customized for their business risk. Each client receives service through one of our practice areas headed by a senior executive with at least two decades of insurance experience. Our local knowledge, national experience, and international capabilities continue the legacy of our founder, Fortunato Foa, who sought to improve the way companies viewed and managed risk.

After more than 150 years as international insurance brokers, we know that one thing remains the same: people and businesses constantly face ever-changing and unacceptable risk of loss. Since 1861, five generations of Foas have led the firm to respond to our clients’ changing needs, to assess their exposures, and to manage their risks.

With over 150 years of history and the ability to design cutting edge insurance products, Foa & Son serves a sophisticated clientele looking to protect their assets. Foa & Son’s real-time market knowledge allows us to design sophisticated, comprehensive and cost effective insurance solutions for our clients. Our offices, based in New York, work with insurance companies all over the world to find unique opportunities to help clients manage risk.

Foa & Son’s Commercial Insurance Division, Private Insurance Advisory Service, Corporate Benefits Practice, Multinational Services Division, and Blue Water Hull Division provide insurance solutions to some of the most prestigious firms in the United States and around the world.

In-depth knowledge and experience extends to all principal sectors, including international insurance, food distribution, real estate, hospitality, manufacturers, financial and professional service firms, not-for-profits, municipalities, automotive, tech firms and ship owners.

According to Chairman Conrad Foa, “Our clients are our principals, and we take that responsibility very, very seriously. We are committed to being trusted advisors to our clients. Our interests remain independent on behalf of our clients – we have never had a financial stake in any insurer.”