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Professional Liability Insurance: Improved Market for Critical Coverage

If your career involves providing professional services or counsel, Professional Liability Insurance, also known as professional indemnity insurance, is crucial for safeguarding your assets and reputation against allegations of negligence or mistakes. This coverage, which transfers the professional liability from you to the insurance carrier, is known by various names,…

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Beyond Open Enrollment: Navigating Employee Benefits in the Long Run

Implementing your organization’s employee benefits program is like leading a marathon team.  First, you prepare through regular training sessions, aided by internal communications in the weeks and months leading up to Open Enrollment. Next comes the grind of Open Enrollment itself — the equivalent of a marathoner’s high-mileage training runs….

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Manufacturers Insurance: Trends in Cyber Liability and Property Coverage

In a chaotic time filled with environmental instability, global supply chain issues, and perpetual labor shortages, there’s one industry that insurance companies still largely trust: manufacturing. As a result of the industry’s inherent stability, manufacturing is doing well in today’s property and casualty (P&C) insurance marketplace — for the most…

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A photo of Justin Foa in front of a black & white photo of a NYC building.

Uncertainty Fuels Insurance Rate Hikes and Underwriting Scrutiny

Third annual study from Alera Group predicts 2023 Property and Casualty market conditions A new study forecasting 2023 market conditions in the Property and Casualty Insurance industry reveals that uncertainty related to the economy, inflation, catastrophes and court-related claims is contributing to tighter underwriting guidelines and widely varying price increases….

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A photo of architects working on a set of blueprints.

Contractor/Subcontractor Uncertainty? The Solution Is Surety.

If your contracting or subcontracting business has not only survived but thrived during the three years of the COVID-19 pandemic, Surety bonds probably are not a top-of-mind concern for you — at least when it comes to private construction projects. But if you’ve struggled with payment, cash-flow or employment issues…

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An aerial view overlooking a municipality.

The Role of Risk Management in Public Sector Insurance

When it is non-existent or poorly executed, risk management becomes the subject of intense scrutiny, especially when a municipality or public entity is assigned responsibility for an occurrence resulting in widespread damage or singular tragedy. “How did this happen?,” we demand to know. “And who is to blame?” From natural…

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A photo of insurance professionals meeting with construction workers on a job site.

Diligence, Innovation Keys to Construction Insurance Solutions

Step back from all the misery the COVID-19 pandemic has caused, including worker shortages and supply chain disruption. Take a good look at all the insurance challenges a years-long hard market for Property and Casualty coverage has created. Scan the landscape of damage from a multi-year series of catastrophic events…

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