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How does great Human Resources translate to excellent service for our clients?

Today’s Human Resources department does so much more than manage people. In fact, Human Resources is integral to the culture and growth of any organization.

At Foa & Son, Human Resources means exactly that: resources for humans. We know our most valuable asset is our people, and we know that when HR is a part of who we are, it translates directly into value for our clients.

For some, this may come down to recruiting the right people for the right job. That is, of course, critical. But at Foa & Son, further. By instilling our values, principles, and objectives into the culture of our organization, we are able to better serve our clients.

How? By ensuring a positive professional experience, we foster dedication and engagement. When members of our team plant roots, and stay with Foa & Son for the long haul, it means something — and not just for us. You can work with the same broker for decades, because they are happy as part of the Foa & Son team. When people stay with us over a long term, it reflects on who we are, and translates to what we do for you.

For 160 years, Foa and Son has stood for trustworthiness, reliability, expertise, and putting the client first, no matter what. Sustaining these core values and translating them into excellent service means striving to be the best we can be. A great Human Resources department is one of the many ways we work to respond to our clients’ changing needs, year after year.

Jaclyn Brottman

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