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For those in the real estate industry that are developing new properties or managing existing ones, Foa & Son’s Real Estate Practice helps manage risk, forecast and minimize costs, and optimize results in the insurance marketplace.

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Industry Expertise

The Foa & Son team brings a wealth of expertise to its real estate clients:

  • A special understanding of today’s ever-changing insurance market that enables us to find and present the best insurance solutions at the most competitive premiums
  • A focus on increasing safety, reducing claims frequency, predicting costs, and eliminating gaps in coverage
  • Superior technical skills that allow us to craft policies that, if necessary, cover exposures in maintenance, renovation, and construction
  • More than 30 years of experience navigating the complex real estate insurance marketplace

Insurance Solutions

All the players in real estate ─ developers, owners, managers, and investors ─ operate in an industry that is highly competitive and often volatile. Their advantage lies in partnering with Foa & Son for:

  • The ability to forecast new trends in development to help real estate clients better plan for, and respond to, the dynamics in the real estate industry
  • Industry-leading insight into potential costs and underwriting obstacles
  • Guidance to protect assets and manage the total cost of risk