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Foa & Son was founded 155 years ago as a marine insurance broker and specializes in insuring supply chains for the retail and apparel industry.

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Industry Expertise

With good reason, our clients that move season-sensitive merchandise and commodities through the global supply chain entrust their specific needs to Foa & Son. They rely on us for:

  • Targeted programs that have endured not just for years, but for decades
  • Knowledge in specialized marine coverages not used by generalist brokers
  • Familiarity with carriers that insure with broad coverage at the most competitive rates
  • Understanding of the ups and downs of the business cycle
  • Deep understanding of and relationships in marine markets

Insurance Solutions

Companies dealing in retail and apparel need more than a broker with general knowledge of insurance programs designed by underwriters. Foa & Son:

  • Specializes in cargo and throughput insurance
  • Utilizes expertise to craft insurance programs that have broader coverage for lower premiums
  • Creates responsive policies that can provide automatic coverage when supply chains shift midyear