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Multinational Companies

Companies that are based in the United States and have global operations require global insurance led by an experienced advisor that understands both international business customs and U.S. market conditions.

International Insurance Solutions

Although many brokers can place coverage for basic overseas exposures, a truly coordinated global insurance program requires highly specialized knowledge usually reserved by the largest brokers for their largest clients. Foa & Son brings sophisticated global solutions to midsized companies.

We have the requisite product knowledge, underwriting relationships, and active network of insurance brokers around the world to service your foreign subsidiaries.

The creation of a global insurance program is a series of coordinated steps. Foa & Son is expert in bringing a client through the process, culminating in a compressive, cost-efficient, and resilient insurance program that enables our clients to have a uniform coverage platform worldwide. These are the steps we take for you:

  • Collect underwriting data from client subsidiaries around the world
  • Gain an understanding of local regulation and local market conditions to determine which coverage should be extended globally
  • Coordinate with global broker partners to negotiate rates and coverages in each country or territory
  • Use our market knowledge to identify the global insurance companies that have the capacity and appetite to offer a competitive product
  • Negotiate with multiple insurers to create the most competitive and comprehensive coverage offering
  • Present and analyze program advantages, both globally and locally
  • Allocate premiums and taxes for each country, fairly and legally

Our Experience

Foa & Son has been servicing the U.S. subsidiaries of European reverse-flow international clients for more than 50 years and currently services more than 200 reverse-flow accounts. Our clients are among the most distinguished companies and organizations around the world, including some of Europe’s most famous luxury brands, manufacturers, and exporters. These companies trust us because we go beyond placing coverage — we act as their business advocate.

Foa & Son’s first priority is protecting our clients’ financial interests. We structure effective loss-control programs, resolve coverage questions and issues, and make sure claims are paid in a timely manner and to our clients’ satisfaction. We understand our international clients and the market conditions that affect their businesses.