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The automotive industry continues to evolve and adapt to new challenges ─ and it can rely on Foa & Son for a comprehensive approach to managing risk in this changing landscape.

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Gregory Reddock

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Industry Expertise

Offering coverage to automotive dealerships and suppliers as well as specialty vehicle manufacturers and classic car collectors, Foa & Son understands clients’ distinctive needs for insurance and risk management, providing:

  • Expertise in health-care and regulatory issues that affect the bottom line
  • Knowledge of services and vendors unique to the industry
  • Insurance that transfers risk and enables our clients to focus on running their businesses

Insurance Solutions

The automotive industry has faced difficult times in recent years and suffered historically high-dollar losses. Although fewer insurers now write this class of business, Foa & Son continues to focus our loss-control services on:

  • Reducing claim frequency and severity
  • Improving the loss experience of our automotive clients
  • Introducing targeted insurance solutions that provide better coverages, higher limits, and lower insurance costs than ever before