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Foa & Son has supported the life sciences industry for generations. Through years of working with clients in a wide variety of roles, such as C-level executives, scientists, and VC owners, we have gained a unique perspective on the life sciences sector.

Industry Expertise

In the challenging life sciences insurance landscape, a single sentence can determine whether a claim is paid; therefore, experience and expertise make all the difference. Beyond having detailed knowledge of the coverages, our experts:

  • Understand life sciences companies, their deliverables, and the challenges they face
  • Possess the knowledge that truly separates Foa & Son from our competitors in helping clients meet all of their risk-management challenges
  • Include a former life sciences/biotech underwriter who worked at some of the largest global insurance companies and is a former director at a strategic, research-driven life sciences agency dealing with the inner workings of public and privately held contract research and manufacturing organizations
  • Have a combined 20 years of experience, with niche expertise in critical coverages such as product withdrawal, accidental product contamination, product recall, malicious tampering, third-party expense, and indemnity

Insurance Solutions

We provide specialized insurance and risk management solutions covering all phases, including:

  • Analytical laboratories
  • Clinical trials
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution