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Foa & Son specializes in meeting the risk management and insurance needs of municipalities, bringing to bear our understanding of the unique risks facing public officials and others who serve the public in areas such as law enforcement, infrastructure, and education.

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R.J. Impastato

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Industry Expertise

We use our expertise to make sure that taxpayers are protected by the right coverage at the right premium by:

  • Understanding the industry in ways that enable us to review and audit all current coverages, pointing out coverage gaps and inefficiencies
  • Benchmarking clients’ coverages, premiums, and limits against those of similar-sized municipalities

Insurance Solutions

Risks are always increasing for towns and villages, and their officials need more than someone to just sell them insurance; they need a partner who can essentially become their insurance department. Foa & Son can help by:

  • Creating an effective strategy for risk management by guiding them through the process
  • Offering employee safety training and claims reviews that identify fraud or unsafe conditions as well as legal assistance
  • Aggressively negotiating with A-rated insurance companies to obtain the best rates and lowest premiums