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Mark Kerstein, Senior Vice President, Production & Marketing


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Mark Kerstein

Senior Vice President, Production & Marketing

Before Mark Kerstein joined Foa & Son, he had 35 years of combined experience at Acordia/Wells Fargo and Kerstein Associates. He held the position of unit manager and team leader at Acordia/Wells Fargo and was responsible for production and management of construction and commercial accounts. He ran Kerstein Associates for 10 years with his father.

Mark’s special areas of expertise are designing and implementing complete programs and marketing, servicing, and managing large and midsize commercial, not-for-profit, and construction accounts.

Mark earned his B.A. in finance and insurance from the University of Cincinnati. In addition, he has a New York State Insurance Brokers and Life Accident license and is a former member of Insurance Brokers Roundtable.


  • Commercial and Personal Insurance
  • Commercial Insurance
  • Construction/Real Estate