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Cyber Threats to the Manufacturing Sector (INFOGRAPHIC)

By December 22, 2021December 12th, 2023No Comments
A graphic entitled 'Cyber Threats: Threats for the Manufacturing Sector According to the Critical Manufacturing Security Guide 2020'

Cyber security is now more important than ever for manufacturers — especially as the impacts of the ongoing pandemic continue to be felt. A survey by McKinsey found that companies may have accelerated the digitization of supply chains and operations by three to four years due to Covid-19, while the importance of digital products has accelerated by seven years. 

The result? More computing power, high-speed internet connectivity, robotics, A.I., and data analytics … and more cyber vulnerabilities that increasingly sophisticated hackers can exploit. 

This infographic outlines five major cyber threats to the manufacturing sector in particular.

Click here to take a look!

Cyber Threats to the Manufacturing Sector Infographic