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A graphic entitled 'Michael Lieberman's Food For Thought: Sustainability & Social Responsibility' and that includes a woman shopping in the frozen food section of a store.

Food for Thought: Sustainability & Social Responsibility

In the ninth episode of FOOD FOR THOUGHT, Foa & Son’s Michael Lieberman welcomed seafood industry thought leader and innovator, Richard Stavis for a discussion of sustainability and social responsibility in the seafood industry. “Sustainability used to be just about whether there was going to be enough fish,” Stavis recalled…

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A graphic entitled 'Michael Lieberman's Food For Thought: Supply Chain Disruption'

Food For Thought: Supply Chain Disruption With Greg Wank

In the wake of COVID-19, few industries were left unaffected. The Food & Beverage space is no exception. The global pandemic, and its impact on food and beverage supply chains, was the focus of discussion during a recent episode of Foa & Son Food & Beverage Practice Leader Michael Lieberman’s…

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A graphic with a photo of a night time city skyline with an illustration portraying a network overlaid over top.

Resources For Your Industry

At Foa & Son, we pride ourselves on being true, trusted risk advisors. For 160 years, we have invested in developing and expanding our knowledge base specific to the industries that we represent. We also dedicate ourselves to providing expert guidance through good times and bad.  While we always prefer…

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A graphic of a hooded figure among software code and entitled 'Michael Lieberman's Food for Thought: Cyber Risk'

Food for Thought: Cyber Risk

A cyber attack targeting a food and beverage distribution business could shut down the entire operation, costing thousands of dollars in lost revenue. The recent hack of U.S. government agencies’ computer systems demonstrates that even the most fortified IT systems can be breached.  But food and beverage businesses that have...
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A graphic with an overhead view of the front of a cargo ship and entitled 'Michael Lieberman's Food for Thought: The Cold Chain'

Food for Thought: The Cold Chain

Cold storage has become a hot topic during the pandemic as vaccine manufacturers address the logistics of storing and shipping frozen vials to points of vaccination, but the food industry has long been concerned with the integrity of the “cold chain”. Because of their cold storage needs, all types of...
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