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supply chain

A graphic entitled 'Michael Lieberman's Food For Thought: Sustainability & Social Responsibility' and that includes a woman shopping in the frozen food section of a store.

Food for Thought: Sustainability & Social Responsibility

In the ninth episode of FOOD FOR THOUGHT, Foa & Son’s Michael Lieberman welcomed seafood industry thought leader and innovator, Richard Stavis for a discussion of sustainability and social responsibility in the seafood industry. “Sustainability used to be just about whether there was going to be enough fish,” Stavis recalled…

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A graphic displaying cargo containers and entitled 'Michael Lieberman's Food for Thought: FDA Traceability'

Food for Thought: FDA Traceability with Dana Bartholomew

“It’s not your supplier’s responsibility,” said Dana Bartholomew of Legit Fish during a recent episode of FOOD FOR THOUGHT. “Everybody in the supply chain has to take ownership of how they’re handling the product,” he continued. “How are they bringing solutions to the customer? This is a wave. It’s a…

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A graphic entitled 'Michael Lieberman's Food For Thought: Supply Chain Disruption'

Food For Thought: Supply Chain Disruption With Greg Wank

In the wake of COVID-19, few industries were left unaffected. The Food & Beverage space is no exception. The global pandemic, and its impact on food and beverage supply chains, was the focus of discussion during a recent episode of Foa & Son Food & Beverage Practice Leader Michael Lieberman’s…

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A graphic with a photo looking down on a cargo ship and entitled 'Michael Lieberman's Food for Thought: Container Loss & Prevention'

Food For Thought: Container Loss & Prevention With Michael Hird

“When the Covid pandemic started, I thought lots of bad things were going to happen,” said Michael Hird of WK Webster during a recent episode of FOOD FOR THOUGHT. “I didn’t actually think that containers were going to fall off ships as a result of Covid,” he continued. “But essentially…

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A graphic with a photo of a food factory and entitled 'Michael Lieberman's Food For Thought: Food Brands and Co-Man Risks'

Food for Thought Episode 3: Food Brands & Co-Man Risks

Food product entrepreneurs need to beware of the potential risks they face when partnering with co-manufacturers, co-packers and toll processors. One-third of food manufacturers don’t own their own plants. According to Melissa Facchina, CEO and founder of SIDDHI Operations, a Brooklyn, N.Y.-based firm that provides operational and capital backing to...
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A graphic with an overhead view of the front of a cargo ship and entitled 'Michael Lieberman's Food for Thought: The Cold Chain'

Food for Thought: The Cold Chain

Cold storage has become a hot topic during the pandemic as vaccine manufacturers address the logistics of storing and shipping frozen vials to points of vaccination, but the food industry has long been concerned with the integrity of the “cold chain”. Because of their cold storage needs, all types of...
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An aerial photo of marine cargo containers at a harbor.

Throughput Policies Give Retailers End-to-End Coverage

By Michael Boscaino -- Many retailers in riot-torn U.S. cities are learning the hard way that their property insurance isn’t nearly enough to cover the cost of inventory lost to looters. And even if they do file a theft or damage claim, the insured value of their lost inventory is...
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A photo of a scientist holding a beaker of fluid in a lab.

Life Sciences Industry Risks Changing with the Times

Life sciences companies will face a new set of challenges in a post-Covid-19 world. Whether you’re an investor in a life sciences company, a contract development and manufacturing organization, CSO (Chief Scientific Officer) or the CEO, you’ll have concerns about how the “new normal” will affect your business operations. For...
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An aerial view of a port with cargo containers at sunset.

Supply chain disruption: is your food & beverage business covered?

By Michael Lieberman -- As the spread of COVID-19 continues to disrupt global supply chains, many owners of food and beverage businesses are wondering whether their commercial insurance programs will reimburse them for lost revenues. Lost revenues can stem from not being able to receive an international shipment, to not...
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